Marinated Gordel olives  GF      4.50

Bread, olive oil and balsamic    4.75

Salted Catalan almonds  GF     4.75

Risotto of pea, lemon and mint  GF   6.95/ 13.95 main








Mediterranean risotto with almonds, butternut, spinach and basil  GF   14.50


Field mushroom and roasted garlic bruschetta with roasted cherry tomatoes, capers and rocket salad   13.95


Pappardelle pasta, courgette, piquillo peppers, tomato, basil and almonds   14.50


Stuffed ratatouille field mushrooms with vegan mozzarella, new potatoes and salad  GF  14.95





Hand cut chips GF  3.95          Skinny chips  GF  3.95        Mixed salad  GF  4.95     Selection of vegetables GF  4.95


Callestick Farm fruit sorbet  GF  6.00


Mixed berry compote GF  6.00