Marinated Gordel olives  GF      4.50

Bread, olive oil and balsamic    4.75

Salted Catalan almonds  GF     4.75

Tempura cauliflower, garam marsala curry 7.95

Sweet potato croquettes, polenta coated, red onion and coriander GF 7.25

Risotto of pea, lemon and mint  GF   7.25 / 13.95 main






Mushroom and tarragon risotto, crispy kale and toasted pine nuts GF 14.95


Vietnamese noodle stir fry, seasonal vegetables, chilli and corriander 14.25


Sweet potato, red onion and coriander burger, with beetroot and lettuce in Alvere malted bread 10.95





Hand cut chips GF  3.95          Skinny chips  GF  3.95        Mixed salad  GF  4.95     Selection of vegetables GF  4.95


Callestick Farm fruit sorbet  GF  6.00


Mixed berry compote GF  6.00