Marinated Gordel olives  GF      5.

Bread, olive oil and balsamic   5.

Salted Catalan almonds  GF     5.

Black olive dip with Picos    5.

Wild mushrooms on sourdough toast, basil and almond pesto  8.

Risotto of pea, lemon and mint  GF   8.5 / 15. main






Beetroot - Golden, Candy and Ruby with walnuts, croutons, gem lettuce and thymr roasted potatoes GF 16.5

Linguini pasta with red pepper and tomato caponata, olives, toasted almonds and basil pesto  17.

Artichoke risotto with spinach, chives and artichoke crisps GF 16.5





Hand cut chips GF  4.          Skinny chips  GF  4.        Mixed salad  GF  5.   Selection of vegetables GF  5.


Callestick Farm fruit sorbet  GF  3. per scoop


Mixed berry compote GF  7.

Some of our dishes may contain allergens. Please make us aware of any allergy or dietary requirements you might have.