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Thursday Small Plates Night
 Served from 5pm

Spanish Gordel Olives.  VE GF.  5.

Marinated Artichokes with toast. VE GF. 5.

Foccacia bread with whipped butter  V. 5.

Salted Catalan Almonds. VE. GF  5.

Chef's Winter Soup. VE  GF. 5.

Chorizo, Crispy fried egg and peas. GF 5.

Potato Bravas with a red pepper sauce and garlic mayonnaise. GF. 5.

Tempura Cauliflower with a red Thai curry sauce. VE  GF  5.

N'duja meatballs with tomato sauce and parmesan. 5.

Celeriac risotto with crispy cavolo nero and kale pesto. V GF. 5.

Spanish salad of artichokes, dressed gem lettuce, tomato and olives V GF. 5.

Mediterranean Chickpea stew with red pepper and tomato  VE  GF. 5.

Korean Chicken with pickled vegetables and gochujang aioli  7.5

Hake pieces with tartare sauce and shoestring fries  GF 7.5

Skinny fries  GF. 5.

Garlic bread  5.


Chocolate Genoise with honeycomb and chocolate sauce. 5.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce and Cornish clotted cream. 5.

Two scoops of Callestick Farm Icecream  GF  5. 

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